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My Training Philosophy

"As an evidence-informed practitioner, it is important to continuously reflect with the current literature and research surrounding all aspects that will influence elite athletic performance. For this reason, my methods will often adapt and tweak dependant on advancements in S&C knowledge and technology. However, my philosophy is simple: we do whatever it takes to win. It is important to keep an open mind, but also important to not deviate from successful currently known theories and procedures in the quest to simply be different. The basics not only develop the foundational needs of human performance, but should also be the core of each programme. Understanding the sporting needs for success requires an expert eye on biomechanical requirements and physiological processes. I believe I possess these, which is evident in the improvement of the athletes i have worked with and the many successful coaches who i have learned from. The cherry to my philosophy is my ability to coach in an adaptable, approachable and enthusiastic manner. This creates a strong athlete buy-in (trust), which leads to better results. I also believe in making the programme as individualised as possible. Different athletes respond differently, and if you’re not adjusting the programming to meet these individualistic needs, then you might be missing an opportunity for better performance enhancement. This is why i love the quote “The best programmes are written in pencil, not pen”. Likewise, it is not only necessary to understand the application needed to create specific responses, but how to create an environment that guides, develops and motivates athletes and fellow technical coaches."

My Services

If you're looking for guidance in helping to get the most out of your health, well-being and/or sports performance - you're in the right place.



Personal training for the non-professional athlete

Throughout training 1000's of people across a broad spectrum of capabilities and experience, I have learned, adjusted and adapted several methodologies with fantastic success. I truly believe I can help anybody reach any goal that they desire. Of course, this must be a realistic goal (which we can discuss), however I have helped many individuals lift loads that they never thought possible. From housewives to budding recreational sport competitors - my training is adaptable to your needs, and with your determination, success is only around the corner!


Private S&C for semi-pro and professional athletes

I have assisted many different athletes over the years. From youth athletes on scholarship programmes to Olympic Gold Medalists. My training will be tailored your specific weaknesses dependant on what is required in your sport to be successful. From testing batteries to complete strength and conditioning programmes, learn how to apply force more powerfully to beat your competitors with ease. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle. Start your fight here today.

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Digital guidance and programming

COVID-19 lockdown periods showed me one thing - with the right guidance, people can get phenomenal improvements in their health and physical performance, without even being in the same room as their trainer. I have guided 100's of people via online domains. People from all over the world. I run all my online private training through a sophisticated app thats easy to use. Find out more about private 1:2:1 training here.


Join my team of trainees

Join others as you take on a weekly training challenge involving several components designed to upgrade your body and physical performance. With easy to follow programme guides, and regular advice, take on the challenge to upgrade yourself to You, version 2.0. For more information on what's included, check out here.

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